Internship Application

Our internship is a semester long commitment that gives junior and senior students an opportunity to grow in leadership, service, and intimacy with Christ. With assistance from our Staff, student interns help lead each of our 6 ministry areas at the Wesley Foundation. They oversee our student leaders and contribute to the daily functions of the ministry. A weekly staff meeting is set at the beginning of each semester.

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In a short but detailed personal statement, please cover these topics: (1) your family background/upbringing, (2) major life experiences that have impacted you, (3) salvation story, and (4) plans for the future.
Explain how the lord has led you to apply to be an intern and why you want to be involved in it! Keep it short please.
What area(s) of ministry are you most interested in? which area(s) of ministry have you been involved with previously? what were those experiences like?
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